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Every practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can agree that the art is more than a sport. For us, it is our discipline, our therapy. For a few, it is what also keeps us alive. I’ve been Master Dedeco’s student for almost two years now. Paired with my Judo background, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a way of life that keeps me breathing. The few times an interaction has escalated, the lessons learned from Master Dedeco and his instructors were utilized. I can recall two incidents where I have subdued a suspect with an effective Kimura. Aside from being physically able, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instills a keen mental toughness and attention to detail. You become hyper vigilant. At the end of a shift, I am able to hang up my uniform next to wear I hang my Gi. Thank you Master Dedeco. Oss.

Robert McCarthy
Law Enforcement Professional

My name is Ryan Korzeniowski and it has been one of the great pleasures of my life to become part of the Best Way BJJ Family. I met Andre “Dedeco” Almeida in April of 2004 during the Pan Ams competition in CA. In visiting CA that weekend I didn’t have any idea that I had just found myself two families since I met my wife at the airport and Dedeco in the same weekend. After returning to Boston, I began training with Dedeco but was unable to continue to consistently train during the next few years as I was teaching full-time at South Boston High School and attending law school in the evenings. With long days and nights, I fell into horrific sleeping patterns with late night readings and a new child. I longed to come back and train jiu-jitsu but after several failed attempts couldn’t manage it with my schedule. During that time Dedeco never lost track of me even when I felt I had lost track of myself. He reached out to me and then he seamlessly brought me back to what I had loved and missed. I had a negative experience with my first instructor but when Dedeco told me I could trust him and he would look out for me – I believed him. He has never let me down. Over the years he has been my teacher, mentor and friend. As a professional educator I can attest that no matter what the field, many teachers will have the tendecy to be “the sage on the stage” and not be invested in each and every moment of their students’ learning. That is not the case with Dedeco and it is not the environment he cultivates or expects from his instructors. He is 100% invested in each and every student’s learning and when he stresses the Best Way motto of “Skill above everything else” it’s because he knows that the progressive build up of that skill takes time, confidence, patience and a guiding hand. The instruction at Best Way is second to none. If you walk in the doors and choose to be a student at Best Way you will not regret it and you will not be the same. If you are an athlete looking to be an active competitor, he’s nicknamed “The Champion Maker” for a reason. If you are looking to gain self-confidence, strength, flexibility and coordination come train at Best Way. If you are looking to lose weight or develop effective self-defense skills come to Best Way. If you want more energy, stress reduction and motivation come to Best Way. Most of all, if you want to be surrounded by quality people who are going to push you, motivate you and bring out the best in you while you enjoy a tremendous sense of camaraderie – come become a part of the Best Way family. It’s why I travel an hour to train at the Best Way HQ in Rockland; it’s why my 7 year-old son is enrolled and it’s why once you’ve enrolled you’ll never regret it.

Ryan Korzeniowski / /

Dear Dedeco,
On behalf of the Town of Weymouth Fire and Police Departments, we would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation for accepting the invitation to present our joined forces with an instructional demonstration of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as part of the Weymouth Fire/Police Fitness Challenge. The reputation of Best Way Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and American Top Team as well as your own personal achievements gives us great confidence that each person in attendance will gain valuable insights into this very exciting and popular martial art. We are sure that this event will be the highlight of our Fitness Challenge. We look forward to the seminar in August and thank you in advance for your participation.

Ed Hancock, Mike Crowley, Ed Chase and Lieutenant Keith Stark / Town of Weymouth Fire and Police Departments /

Dear Dedeco and your staff,
I want to start off by saying Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for what you, Andrew , Johnnie and Mike have done for my son. You all have such great patience with him and he looks up to you and is so eager to learn what you teach him. Let me give you a bit of my son’s history and how far he has come. He has ADHD and sensory issues and this disability was almost taking him down a path I did not want to see him take. Until he came to you, This boy was always in fights he had no control over his sensory issues and it always turned into a fight. Instead of teaching him negative fighting you taught him how to control his body with positive fighting. Even his attitude has gone from negative energy to positive. I can see the control he has now, it is just amazing to see how far he has come. He is such a happier child and it makes me so happy to come to class and watch him move. As a mom it is wonderful to be able to bring your child somewhere that he loves to go. He has tried almost every sport and never stuck to it until we learned about this sport and how an impact it has made in our family. You are all like family to him and he feels that he belongs.
Which much Appreciation,

Julie / /

Andre “DEDECO” Almeida

Andre “DEDECO” Almeida

5th Degree Black Belt


Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and known as “the Maker of Champions”, Andre “Dedeco” Almeida is a keystone of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in New England. He began his jiu-jitsu career in 1986 and is a 5th degree black belt under pioneer Ricardo Liborio. Dedeco has dominated the competitive arenas of Brazil and America winning multiple championships at the highest levels. His passion for jiu-jitsu extends well beyond his own accolades and in 1996 he formed his own school and association, developing a world-class stable of competitors, mixed martial arts athletes and students across all ages and backgrounds interested in learning the art of BJJ.

In 2004, Dedeco brought his talents to Massachusetts and opened his school and headquarters at Weymouth. Since then he has built a network of associations and affiliates who have sought out Dedeco for his ability to bring out the utmost potential of students and competitors. Dedeco has worked tirelessly to instill in his students the belief of “skill above everything else” and his students know that “Strength and Progression” are not just words but a way of life involving the constant pursuit of improvement. His love of BJJ also led him to realize one of his life-long dreams in co-founding Origin, a company dedicated to bringing innovative products and handmade in the USA gis that are of the highest caliber.
There are few practitioners with the level of experience and knowledge of Master Dedeco and fewer still who maintain a daily presence in their own schools, actively teaching classes and training students directly.